Doing a Business?

Let your chatbot
automate it

Tired of providing customer support, answering questions, and processing requests all by yourself?
Well, you can rest now. Your automated chatbot will take care of them, that too all by themselves.

Salient Features

Customer Engagement

Chatbots help in identifying and filling the gaps in the conversation. It can engage with the customer, solve their issues and even adjust the flow of conversation. Giving you, a satisfied and engaged customer.

Smart bot

Our smart chatbots make more human-like conversation and don’t ask the same question again, making the experience more seamless for the customer.

Bot learn by itself

Our AI chatbots learn by themselves by interacting with customers and resolving their issues. As a result, creating one less thing for you to worry about.

Build amazing customer experiences


Criada has been the leading service provider in terms of web, application, and chatbot development services.

We, with our dedicated team members, have been working for the growth of your business day and night. With happy and satisfied clients, working on so many projects together and so many already done.

Looking for digital services for your business? No more, Criada is your one-stop solution for all the digital needs of your business.

Web Needs? Criada.
Customer Interaction Needs? Criada.
Application Needs? Criada!

Make customers attached to your service

Never lose a customer again by keeping the relationship between the customer and the business stronger than ever.

We make sure your customer always feel desired by making sure they get included and notified of all the important updates, through our services.

With our chatbots, we make sure you never miss any interaction with a customer, as well as the customer never misses out on important updates with our web and application development services.

We at Criada, make sure the customer gets attached to your services by making sure they get the best possible experience ever.

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